Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pigeons and Bond Money

John Fleck had an article in the Journal today about Pigeons being main polluters of our runoff water in Albuquerque. I think that goes for our neighborhood too. In the last year or so we have had a lot of these creatures start roosting on roof tops and pooping on new stucco. We are harassing them with fake owls and stinging BBs. Soon we will have to get really nasty.

Speaking of which. I was glad to see Mayoral candidate Richard Romero finally take Marty Chavez on in the Journal this a.m. Chavez is spending capital funds, bond money, that should not be used for operational reasons. He has been getting away with it for a long time. I also wonder if he is converting other non general funds to this kind of use. Well, times are hard and one can see the value of keeping city employees working, but it would be nice to know exactly where he is getting the money from. That would probably take a forensic accountant and the media surely doesn't have any of those. Does the city Council?

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