Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fly on the Wall

Who would like to be the fly on the wall when the Governor and President meet privately today? It will probably be an awkward moment but I bet there will be some sort of camaraderie exhibited. After all, if the Governor is never implicated in the current allegations of wrong doing on the investment of state funds, then he will still most likely be a candidate for a post in DC.

I hope for New Mexico's sake the the US Attorney just brings this to a conclusion. It has been going on way too long. I say this because last week a very influential person I know from out of state asked me "Is there any politician in New Mexico that is not going to prison?" So, one could argue that the PR about the Land of Enchantment is not good around the country. That is not positive for us as we pick ourselves off the floor of this severe recession. We need to rebuild our job base and right now this stuff makes our government econommic development efforts harder.

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Sara said...

One could argue that because the governor is being investigated for wrongfully handling finances, that he is a perfect fit for Obama's adminstration. I mean, come on, Geithner?? Really??