Friday, May 08, 2009


I see the budget for the City of Albuquerque is continuing to melt down. It now is up around a 70 million dollar deficit. Of course the information on this never comes from the Mayor's office and the local media lets him hide from the bad news. So he sends out his pet city councilor Ken Sanchez, a nice guy, to dribble out the bad news. and it barely gets mentioned anywhere. I will give the Mayor credit for avoiding layoffs so far, but the clock is ticking on reducing the budget even more and it might be wise to come up with a temporary furlough plan.

Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar has a problem. 500 ATV riders will knowingly break the law this weekend in Utah by riding their satan spawned machines into a wilderness study area. These cretins should be arrested if they do so. Salazar earlier set the stage for strong law enforcement when he decided to prosecute the young man who bid on Utah oil and gas leases even though he had no money to pay for them. Now he has to be consistent and prosecute these landscape destroyers as well.

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Unknown said...

But Jimmy, why is it that ATVs are "satan spawned machines"? I mean...isn't it the rider/owner that is the problem? I happen to love ATVs...they serve a purpose and can be alot of fun. Using them the wrong way isn't the machine's fault. People riding and destroying the land is a personal decision. When are we, as the human race, going to require people to accept responsiblity for their actions and stop blaming everything wrong on everyone or everything else? Just curious.