Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I got some email that my worries about our Home Owners Association trying to interfere with installation of solar panels on my home are unfounded. City Councilor Mike Cadigan passed an ordinance for the city pretty much taking HOAs out of the picture. He did so based on a bill that was sponsored by Representative Mimi Stewart in 2007 and signed by he Governor. It states, "A covenant, restriction or condition, contained in a deed, contract, security agreement or other instrument, effective after July 1, 1978, affecting the transfer, sale or use of, or an interest in, real property, that effectively prohibits the installation or use of a solar collector is void and unenforceable."

As a good neighbor we should all do a sensitive and professional installation of solar panels. As I go through bids on my home I will certainly look at plans for keeping the solar panels as unobtrusive as possible.

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Ray said...

So, what does that mean for "how" solar are installed? Is a covenant that restricts your ability to angle solar panels for greater efficiency still enforceable?