Monday, May 04, 2009

Marty and George

Mayor Marty Chavez and George Orwell's novel 1984 are in sync. Here is a definition of 'Orwellian' from Wikipedia.

"The adjective Orwellian describes the situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free society. It connotes an attitude and a policy of control by propaganda, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past, including the "unperson" — a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory."

As you see, Marty likes the 'unperson' part of this because he just removed disgraced former Mayor Ken Shultz's picture from the portrait wall in City Hall. (He also took down my color photo when I left office and replaced it with a black and white one. He also put his name on the Isotopes baseball stadium and took mine off.)

I share Marty's disgust and Shultz's role in the kickback scheme on the Metropolitan Court House. But I don't agree with trying to 'change history' by removing Shultz's picture.

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