Monday, May 25, 2009

The Meltdown

My computer caught a virus. I didn't do the right procedure with my anti viral software and I lost the whole hard drive. However, my most important stuff had been backed up the day before.

Still, I lost mucho stuff that I probably wont miss until I need it. If ever. I think I remained rather stoic about it since it was mainly my series of errors that caused it. Of course, if I could get my hands on that little s**t in Belgium who sent the virus than I would do a slow terminator on him. (Saw that movie this weekend with Bobbi. We love the Terminator movies.")

Anyway you think about it. That stuff is just a bunch of zeros and ones locked into a magnetic disc. It really doesn't mean much in the large scheme of things. Do I really need Word Documents from five years ago? Or archived emails from eight years ago? No I do not.

Things could be worse.

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