Friday, May 22, 2009

Solar Again

So, we have decided to do our Solar Project. We have selected a winning bidder to install a 3kw system on our roof. We gave a go ahead yesterday and hopefully six weeks from now we will have 16 solar voltaic panels on our roof. (Done in a way to keep the neighbors happy)

There is a lot of red tape to jump through now. Applications with PNM to get on the grid, applications with the state are in order too. As this process goes along I will give regular reports on our experience. The real goal here is to stop CO2 from entering the atmosphere. We have calculated that over 80,000 pounds of it will not be released over ten years due to this installation.

We had been buying the maximum amount of wind power from PNM. That cost an extra $12 a month on our bill. We will now sign out of that program as we take direct sunlight.

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