Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Mayor Marty Chavez got a Journal headline this morning saying he wants 100 more police officers hired. It took him 7 years to hire the last 100, if they have even reached that number of 1100. Now, as an election year ploy he says more are needed. He does not say how we pay for them except some vague notion of using stimulus money. And when that runs out? Oh, thats right! Blame the city council for not funding them. By then the election is over and the monkey is off his back. Of course, Marty loves monkeys, and dogs, and cats. Why even the Journal said so in an editorial this morning! An Editorial about the Mayor liking animals. All warm and fuzzy.

Two issues certain to get votes. You just have to marvel over the partnership between the Journal and the Mayor. Yeah, I am just jealous I wasn't that adept. I admit it.

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