Sunday, July 05, 2009


In what might well go down as the most infantile oped ever written by a political 'leader', GOP Party Chairman Harvey Yates of Yates Petroleum, I have figured out that this Tea Party wingnut group really is being funded by the Republicans and the oil and gas industry. It is just logic. Bear with me. I know, this is silly.

According to the Albuquerque Journal this morning the Tea Party participants said three main issues concerned them....and one of them was the cap and trade bill that will reward or punish those who emit or curtail green house gases. Why would that be? Of all the issues this country faces, the wars, the unemployment rate, crime, deflation and our diminished international stature(thanks to bush/cheney), why cap and trade? Because the oil and coal boys know that is a showstopper for the long term viability of their industry. Won't some enterprising reporter just ask Yates and others if he has funded the Tea Party malcontents?

Probably no one at the Journal will do so. Not after they let Yates do his hatchet job on Lt. Governor Diane Denish today. They even put a picture with the oped of Diane and the Governor with a caption that seemed to make a factual statement that Diane is complicit in corruption. I have never seen anything like that on an editorial or oped page in the Journal before. Shame.

This may also be the loss of many experienced people at the Journal. Possibly just an editing error where this slipped through. We probably need to expect this on a regular basis as newspapers continue erode their professional ranks.

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ched macquigg said...

It is hard to get around the fact that she hasn't taken a public stand against the culture of corruption, which is tacit approval, and

so far, she has offered voters, no actual plan to end the culture of corruption.

Seems like Yates' point is well taken.

In fairness, no republican has laid their plan on the table either.

Candidate for Lt. Gov. Greg Solano, is the only candidate that I know of, who actually put a plan on the table for voters to peruse.