Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Seven Panels on the Garage
Here is how the 16 photo voltaic panels have been situated on the roof of our house. The final electrical inspection was done today and we are just waiting for PNM to come out and install their meter into the socket to start generating power.

Two Panels on the Great Room

We will see if they take long to do it. I hope not.

Seven Panels on the Kid's Old Bedrooms

When we fired the system up this a.m. the regular electric meter stopped dead and the current from the roof powered the one swamp cooler and other devices in the house.

The Wiring is Simple
It was only putting out about 30% of its power at that point because the sun was still very low.


AHD said...

It looks great! Hopefully the sun comes out soon.

Bosque Bill said...

Jim, thanks for bringing us your experiences with the photovoltaic array.

Let us know when we can cheer the first day of the meter running 'backwards.' And keep us posted on any future issues.