Sunday, July 12, 2009

Red Flag

The Democrats had better take notice of the red flag being waved at them by the oil and gas industry. Their leader, and GOP Chairman Harvey Yates, is taking action on a lot of fronts and is taking his cues from the progressives themselves. He is setting up nonprofit agencies with oil and gas and republican money and he will use them to try and defeat all non wingnut republican and Democrat candidates. He is starting with, surprisingly another oil industry guy, Harry Teague in New Mexico's southern district. Why? Because Harry voted to save the planet on the climate change bill in the house. It was a gutsy move because Harry himself is not sure climate change is actually happening.(Maybe he should visit Fairbanks Alaska where it reached 88 degrees this week.) But Harry voted for it just because he isn't sure. That is a prudent thing to do. Why take a chance?

Also look at the action where Yates used his friend Tom Lang's newspaper, the Journal, to attack Diane Denish for being complicit in corruption in government. Now that is being used as being factual by republican letter writers to the Journal. These writers are using phrases put together by political spin miesters. The language would never come from regular folks. Just read them! In fairness, the Journal let Diane Denish supporters respond and then they gave her a good editorial for her proposed ethics legislation.

All of this being caused by the oil and gas industry. Columnist Frank Rich in the New York Times today hit this on the head. He is talking about Palin supporters, but the truth is it applies to the oil and gas boys too.

He says. "It’s more likely that she(Palin) will never get anywhere near the White House, and not just because of her own limitations. The Palinist “real America” is demographically doomed to keep shrinking. But the emotion it represents is disproportionately powerful for its numbers. It’s an anger that Palin enjoyed stoking during her “palling around with terrorists” crusade against Obama on the campaign trail. It’s an anger that’s curdled into self-martyrdom since Inauguration Day."

We will see this backlash big time in NM since we are an oil and gas state.

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Charlie from Taos said...

Jim, that was an excellent article in the times. My favorite phrase was "Most important, she stands for a genuine movement: a dwindling white nonurban America that is aflame with grievances and awash in self-pity as the country hurtles into the 21st century and leaves it behind."

It really puts things in perspective regard Palin and her ilk that believe she is qualified to lead anything.