Wednesday, July 01, 2009


The story in the Journal today about the amount of per diem claimed by Legislators was fair game. It has always been my opinion that they are not compensated enough for the work they do. The public has never agreed and hence their meager earnings.

It is time that they be given small salaries, say $30,000, in addition to their per diem. Sometimes we all rail about these lawmakers, but they do make tremendous sacrifices to carry out their work. You try and sit through a long committee meeting at the end of a 60 day session. It is pure hell. In return for a small salary the lawmakers should go to a 60 day session every year. Things are more complex that they used to be and they need more time for their deliberations.

I see where the politicos who want an incorporated South Valley government have come up with a name for the city. Valle de Atrisco. Now they need to come up with a tax base to pull this off. Another whole new government wont be cheap, especially in an area of high growth and substandard infrastructure.

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