Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mayor's Achilles Heel?

The Albuquerque Journal ran an oped by City Charter Commission member Michael Passi that might show some city residents the extent of the politicization of city hall under Mayor Chavez. I am usually a little knowledgeable about what is going on in city government, but this one caught me by surprise. Marty has increased the number of 'exempt' employees in city employment by 300%. When I was Mayor there were only 34 political appointments. Now there are 140 and you can bet a lot of them will 'burrow in' to the classified service at some point. They didn't need to test and qualify for their jobs and will just gradually become protected employees. Right now they serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and they are the ones that are expected to get out the big vote for Marty in October.

My question is, why did the city council let this happen?

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