Thursday, July 30, 2009

Careful Now

So, this Obama outburst on the cop who arrests the black scholar in his own home has caused him to drop 7 points since last month in job approval ratings. Will someone tell me how folks can be so reactive to this kind of gaffe? Come on and tell me. Are we so shallow that one screwed up comment can cause this kind of shift?

Maybe the health care issue and its entrenched and well funded medical/insurance complex has had an effect too, but other than that there is no reason for this. This kind of stuff makes me really worry about our country's judgment. (Where is George bush lately?)

Oh, and did you see the conservatives have started their non profit group in NM? They are doing attack ads on anyone who doesn't agree with the oil and gas industry. Will someone in the mainstream media please ask these folks how much money Yates Petroleum minions are giving? Don't forget the head honchos for Yates are also the head honchos for the NM Republicans.

Well, climate change might make this all moot. I am going to get into this issue in the next few weeks.

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