Friday, July 31, 2009

Jerry the Cat

Jerry the Cat has gone to the big catnip farm in the sky. Our beloved cat used up his ninth life after kidney failure. He follows our beagle who passed in May. Now they can chase each other on the other side.

Jerry picked us when we went to the animal shelter fifteen years ago. Noelle wanted a cat because Justin had gotten his beagle. As we were walking down the aisle Jerry, a small kitten, reached his paw out of the cage and snagged Noelle's sweater. Well, what can you do but stop and say okay!

Jerry was an indoor and outdoor cat. In the summers he stayed outside at night. In the winters he lay in his laundry basket that had a very nice soft blanket in it just for him.

He was a pretty cool cat.


Bosque Bill said...

My condolences to you and your family on losing your furry family member.

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke said...

My sympathies to you and your family - it must feel like the end of an era to experience two losses so close together.

Rodney said...

Jerry was a handsome boy and I offer my sincerest condoences on your loss. It's hard to lose our 4-legged friends, made worse by the fact that we are often compelled to make the decision to save them from pain and suffering. A good guage of our "humanity" is that we will choose to put ourselves at risk of repeating the personal trauma again and again. Consider the upside of how easy it is to find a new friend who will not hesitate to give us unconditional love.