Friday, July 24, 2009

Journal Nastiness

You would think the Albuquerque Journal has turned into something like my blog. They can get real nasty and silly sometimes. Today Thom Cole was extremely nasty about disgraced former Treasurer Robert Vigil getting out of the prison and being transferred to a halfway house for five months. Remember that Vigil was found guilty by a jury on only one count of a 23 count indictment engineered by the US Attorney's Office. He was found guilty of trying to find a job for someone and it was turned into a charge of extortion!

And then there is the Journal Editorial Board's attempt to disgrace former Governor Toney Anaya for taking a salary from the state for managing its federal stimulus money program. Since when is it wrong for a former Governor to make a living?

Maybe the Journal is just modeling itself on Fox News.

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