Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Journal

I am going to do it now.  I am canceling my subscription to the Albuquerque Journal after being a loyal reader for most of my life.  They are no longer credible.  They are Fox news.  They are right wing and vicious.  After reading that they endorsed all republican candidates for Congress, including the nutcase Mullins up north, I decided that the publisher and editor of the paper no longer deserve any respect what so ever.  I don't mind if they are conservatives.  That is their business.  They can also use their opinion page to say what they please and endorse who they please.  But I should not be able to figure out weeks before an editorial what that editorial is going to say because of the way they cover politics on the front page with Thomas Cole, the Drudge of New Mexico.

 The only thing I will miss is Leslie Lithicum's column, the Obituaries, Dilbert and 9 Chickweed Lane in the comics, and my ability to disagree with them any more since I will not be reading them.

I will continue to read the New York Times everyday and with the money I save I might even take the Wall Street Journal, which at least keeps its editorials and dirty work on the opinion page.


Rodney said...

Fortunately, all the good comics, and many more are easily found online, just like real news.
Unfortunately, it's harder than heck to find any good local news, even with a ABQUrinal subscription.

Anonymous said...

Jim, let us know when you re-suscribe. I give it less than six months.

Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same urge to cancel my subscription! Every day, I shake my head in amazement at the coverage choices. Criticizing APS for spending a measly $20,000 on a professional development session for staff and board members, at which several of them were presenters? Really? Come on. Endorsing Mullins, who thinks that Pell Grants for college students are a bad idea? Seriously? In a poor state like New Mexico where few can afford college? The Journal amazes me with its bad decisions. You've inspired me to cancel my subscription as well. Good riddance to bad rubbish.