Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It seems most people are thanking God that the miners in Chile are being pulled to the surface.  Should we be concerned that God put them in that situation in the first place?  Even the Pope is praying.  I would most like to thank the engineers and safety consultants, many from the USA, who pulled this feat off.  And the guy who invented that ingenious drill bit that augured down to them.

The GOP in New Mexico could be called the Grand Oil Party.  I see where Oil and Gas  has given oodles of money to Republican Matt Rush.  Some of the money was disguised as donations from the state party and the Lea County party. That amounted to $40K in hidden donations.  I can guarantee you that was all oil and gas related money.

Why doesn't any one seem to care that Susana Martinez's campaign is subsisting on out of state dollars from the extreme right wing and oil boys?  It should trouble everyone.

Life is too short.  I played golf like a beginner this morning.  I used God's name a lot, but it wasn't praying.

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