Monday, October 18, 2010

Wake Up Call for Public Servants

The Tea Party types, the republicans and the far right wing are getting what they wanted.  Their incessant ranting about the government is now starting to show in the disrespect people have for public servants.  I am talking about Federal, State and Local government employees.  A new poll shows a growing negative view of federal employees.  I wish those who seem to see these employees as lazy shiftless people could come and watch how  hard my lovely wife Bobbi works for the US Forest Service.  And countless other employees like her.

And then you listen to candidates like Susana Martinez, a government employee her self for over 20 years, criticize public servants on the state level and you wonder what is next.  This hate mongering is just grist for the mill with the GOP.  And right now there are a surprising amount of public employees who will vote for her and then find out there is a concerted effort coming from the her administration to kill benefits.

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