Thursday, October 07, 2010

Land Office Race

Republicans and their Oil and Gas and Agribusiness supporters have started funding a TV buy for Matthew Rush in the Land Commissioner race.  Meanwhile, there is no sign of Ray Powell on TV.  Depending on the size of the GOP buy, Ray might actually win with out TV since the commercials have come so late.  Yesterday afternoon I stopped and voted and 100 people had already done so in front of me.  Those TV commercials will be wasted on them.

At the same time I hear Rush's commercial is positive and shows his speaking abilities.  It may stand out from the other dreadful stuff clogging the arteries of TV right now.  Ray would be an honest Land Commissioner.  I just  wish he knew how to raise money for this campaign.  It might be close.

I am off to Durango, Colorado for a meeting of the Wilderness Society Governing Council.  It should be pretty in the Southern Rockies.

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