Sunday, October 10, 2010

Toilet Bowl

That might be the only offer the UNM Football team will get this year.  Thanks to a real lack of accountability on so many people's parts.  Let's talk about accountability.  We rid the Lobos of a competent football coach in Rocky Long at a price of $750,000 for a buyout.  It was all couched as Rocky wanting to move on, but then why pay him all that money if it was voluntary?  Then we hire Coach Locksley at some astronomical salary.  He immediately gets into trouble for wanting an older secretary replaced because she is not attractive enough, then he tries to strangle an assistant coach who is now suing UNM.  Oh, and least importantly he has the worst team in the USA.  When the axe falls on him UNM will have to pay off his contract at some astronomical cost.

Here is what should happen.  The Athletic Director should resign.  He had cause to fire Locksley after the attempted strangulation.  Now he will have to pay to get him out of town.  Locksley should voluntarily resign and just admit the whole experience in New Mexico was a disaster.  He should agree to a low payout especially since the University will pay out to the assistant coach who sued.  The UNM President should find some credible people to run athletics at UNM and then hold them accountable.  The UNM Board of Regents should hold the President accountable for fixing things.  And the Regents should be held accountable for it all.

I say all of this as a person who is not that much into Lobo athletics.  I say it as a person who wants some accountability at the school.  Where else could this kind of malfeasance be tolerated?
"When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else."   David Brin


Anonymous said...

Amen. And we all know these actions will never happen. ($$$ and egos -- a deadly combination.)

If I were still a student at UNM I would be very upset about this, since the academic side is suffering because of the administration and the athletic department.

Anonymous said...


Could not agree more.

Krebs and Locksley must go. At least Alford and B-Ball have been a bright spot in recent years.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you're dead-on with this suggestion Jim. Locksley is an embarrassment, and it's the AD who should be responsible for all that has happened.

As an aside, your observations and judgment parallel exactly what is wrong with the NM Democratic Party right now. It doesn't appear that any of the higher ups are accountable for the fuzzy ethics, lax oversight, and inside deals that are commonly in the news. This needs to be fixed before credibility can be restored. Of course, none of these guys are under contract or pulling in $750K!