Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I keep wondering where Susana Martinez would find folks with experience in government to work in her administration if she is elected.  The republican bench for thoughtful public servants is pretty weak.  Anyone who worked in the Johnson administration is off on other pursuits.  Mostly I am afraid that Martinez will draw government haters from the far right to occupy the Cabinet Secretary's jobs.  They will find out real quick that the rank and file state employee will push back on radicalism.  Just like in everything else, experience does count.

Especially when we are looking at further budget deficits on the state level.  The next Governor will have a horrendous  no win future in decision making.  It will be brutal and even Susana Martinez will endure attacks from all sides.  She has no clue what awaits her.

I know we are a couple of years away from the next election.  I am wondering if Senator Jeff Bingaman will run again.  It might hinge on what happens in this election and whether or not the Senate stays in Democratic control.  I think that is likely.  But if Bingaman doesn't run again then who will?  Certainly Martin Heinrich is a candidate.  Who would the republicans pick?  Heather Wilson?  Just something for us junkies to think about.

On a personal note, I have been dealing with prostate cancer for about a year but things look really good.  We are in a watch and wait mode.  My blood tests look very good and no action is necessary for the next six months.  We can book a cruise!


janecraft said...

Watch and wait isn't fun but I'm glad to hear things look good for now. Hang in there!

New Mexican said...

When either senator retires Ben Lujan will probably be a candidate in the primary also. And that is who I would back to replace Bingaman

Anonymous said...

Lujan is a good guy. But he isn't tall enough or handsome enough to be a Senator. I think he would make a good one but the voters don't vote on ability. Think about Sarah Palin. Would she be where she is if she weighed 300 pounds?

Bubba Muntzer said...

That Jim Baca would make a good senator.

If you can drag him away from his green chili stew.

I wish you good health and a long life.