Monday, October 04, 2010

Those Polls

I arrived back from Syracuse last night.  I had baled out of bed there yesterday to bring up the Journal website to look over the Journal Poll, but it wasn't there.  So I had to start making phone calls before I heard the numbers.  I have to say I wasn't surprised at the Governor's race numbers.  Susana Martinez has done a good job of suppressing support for Diane Denish by running blatantly false TV ads.  The Denish campaign has not figured out a definitive way of reversing the trends.  I don't think it is over yet, but something has to happen soon since early voting is just around the corner.  I still don't think people really know who Diane Denish is.  Martinez has managed to bring  up a persona.

One bit of advice I have or the Denish team is to rally State, County and City employees around the state.  Martinez's supporters in the moneyed GOP want to gut all government pension programs if possible.  That should be a big concern to thousands of New Mexicans.

Martin Heinrich will win in a tough year for Democrats.  I have always liked Jon Barela, his opponent, but he really took the republican mantra on as his own.  Which means no new ideas....or rather no ideas at all.

I am hopeful that Harry Teague can pull it off down south.  Here is a guy who has lost  most of his business after an embargo by the oil and gas industry down in the Permian basin.  Just remember what these oil and gas cut throats will do to protect their profits.  They would rather bake the planet than allow any climate change legislation.

Finally, I had a great time with my son Justin and his rather pregnant wife Karly.  We will be grand parents in six weeks or so.  They have moved into a nice house outside of Syracuse.  This weekend they bought a nice Subaru Outback to handle those snows.  They are doing great.

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Ok, then said...

I am so disappointed in Harry Teague. I just read a letter written by Congressman John Adler (D-NJ) and signed by Harry Teague and 45 other House Democrats, advocating keeping the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy in place. Yes, I know Steve Pearce would be far worse, but I expected better of Harry.