Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh, That Debate

Sunday night Bobbi and me went to a great dinner party with friends in Corrales.  I suddenly realized sitting around the great Paella that all four of us guys there worked in the news media at the same time back in the 70's.  We all are news maniacs.  We are all left of center, some more than others.  We talked a lot about politics. We all new there was a gubernatorial debate occurring on TV.   We all could have cared less I think because there would be little news value in watching the affair.  These things seem to be some sort of performance art now, rather than an airing of serious issues.  The coverage, like the TV commercials, is geared toward negativism.  All I saw on the news later in the evening was attack mode snippets.

I will say that Channel 7 and the Albuquerque Journal has done a good job this year on covering the political season.  The others use those vapid TV commercials as coverage.  Lots of  young toothy and inexperienced reporters find it an easy way to segue into a story. Kind of like airing 9-11 tapes of some dastardly crime.  It takes little effort. All the stations are making a fortune airing the commercials.  This is politics today.  Money and personal attacks.  It is so different then it was back when I got in the fray in the mid 70's.  It is disheartening and dangerous.

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