Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Things You Have to Do

Martin Heinrich and Ben Lujan and Harry Teague all do what ever they can to get reelected as the state's congressman.  Including seeking out and getting the endorsement of the all powerful NRA.  They are the guys who want to let  someone pack a gun to your kid's school picnic or soccer game. (I am a gun owner too, but not a paranoid one.)  And then a rags to riches guy like Harry Teague signs on to keeping the tax cuts for the rich.  It is all nauseating.  I suppose we all have to keep our lunches down though because right now the alternative is worse.

I would still recommend that everyone read a couple of SciFi novels that will get your blood boiling about how corporate America increases its stranglehold on our politics and government.  Daniel Suarez's books, Daemon and Freedom, pretty much spells it out for you.  They are a fun read too.  The books are closer to fact than fiction.

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