Thursday, February 03, 2011

Brain Freeze

My brain is frozen with cabin fever and the cold.  My garage door opener stopped working because the lubricant in the rollers froze up.  Bobbi needed to take my SUV to work yesterday where she parked under a tree that had flocks of birds.  The front end of the car looks like the bottom of a bird cage.  The car wash wont be open for days and my hoses at the house are useless.

There are some good things to mention.  The Gas Company and PNM have mostly delivered under the highest demand conditions in forty years.  There were bound to be some problems but they are manageable.  We tend to think of those companies as heartless or wrongheaded some times, but they do deliver the goods.

Just like the two state transportation workers who rescued a family of four yesterday from an overturned car near Corona, NM.  The same government workers that many in the Tea Party and our legislature think are vampires sucking away state tax money because they have a pension plan.  It was nice to see the Journal give them some ink.

I keep thinking about sitting on the back porch with my coffee, newspapers and toast.  Maybe in about three months.

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