Friday, February 18, 2011

Senator Bingaman

Who can blame Senator Jeff Bingaman for deciding not to run again?  Since he is a voice of reason in the Senate, although a subtle one, he is smart enough to know that the oil and gas industry and other ultra right wing types under the cover of the Supreme Court of this land will target him with unlimited millions of dollars in donations to any opponent who springs up.  How fun can that be to endure?

I have known Jeff for over 30 years and he has always been moderate in his approach to policy.  Sometimes it frustrated me that he was not more aggressive.  He is however one of the finest politicians we have ever had representing us in the Senate.  His honesty and integrity are unquestioned.

Now, the Democrats have to work very hard over the next couple of years to make sure this seat stays in their column.

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Rodney said...

With a severe lack of talent waiting in the wings of the Democratic party in New Mexico, I really hate to bring it up, but can you say Senator Wilson? I seriously doubt either Ben Ray or Martin have the ability to win statewide races.
I think we're screwed and it's only going to get worse before it gets any better.