Sunday, February 13, 2011

Real Journalism

The Santa Fe New Mexican put a face on immigrant families being torn apart in the Sunday edition.  A father who worked for 16 years in Santa Fe as a printer was arrested on a minor traffic violation and will now be deported to Mexico leaving his wife and three U.S. born children fatherless and penniless.  These are good people.  Although this arrest occured before she took office, this is the face of what can happen as Governor Susana Martinez ramps up her heartless campaign against immigrants.  This may well be her legacy.  Bill Richardson left us a Rail Runner and Space Port.  She will leave us broken families.

The story was very good, but I fail to understand why the reporter did not ask for comments from the Governor's office.  Maybe in a followup?


Anonymous said...

The father is the person responsable for any misrey suffered by his family. He ought to take responsability.

Anonymous said...

You are one heartless SOB for saying the father is the villain. America has way to many of you types now.

Rodney said...

So a man who worked hard for 16 years and was caring for his family is now the villian who faces deportation because some novice politcian wants the score points with a bunch of xenophobic lunatics?