Friday, February 18, 2011


The group of religiously inspired fundamentalists who insist gay people shouldn't marry marched in Santa Fe to a mostly hostile group of observers.  I am sure these otherwise decent people just do not realize how irrelevant they appear to most young people in this country.  I have a feeling that this homophobia will die out as this generation of people die out.

Albuquerque's Public Safety Chief just took a nasty P.R. bullet from the Albuquerque Police Department membership when they overwhelmingly gave him a no confidence vote.  This is what happens when the purse strings are tightened. Of course Darren White's show boat persona in front of the TV cameras makes him an easy target.

The Albuquerque Journal continues to use the OPEDs of Marita Noon who today attacked renewable energy.  Isn't she funded by oil and gas industry republicans?  You would never know it by reading the Journal's description of her credentials. She has been proven so wrong on her facts so many times that you wonder why she keeps appearing in print.

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