Friday, February 04, 2011

Political Regime

The old movie line, 'be very afraid' comes to mind when I see what the Martinez administration's reaction to push back on  her family destroying immigration policies are.  After a dozen legislators said they would fight her pogrom against immigrants, her state paid political consultants made a statement to the media that polls showed their policy had more support.  That was their response.  Nothing about whether breaking families up is moral, advisable or good.  Just do what the polls say favor you.  This is not governance.  It is mob rule.

I fully expect the Martinez regime to now call for increased oil and gas drilling with lessened regulation as a result of natural gas shortages over this cold spell.  Don't fall for it.  The problem was a forty year record cold.  Not supplies.  The problem was delivery of gas due to power failures in Texas where the gas is compressed for its trip through pipelines.

This was the Rio Grande at 9:00AM this morning.  The hike was welcome and I got to wear a new winter coat that I bought last year.  I got hot.  I am old enough to remember the last deep freeze in New Mexico back in 1971 or so.  It was as bad as this one and lasted longer.  It also resulted in delivery and shortage problems.  It was so cold that our family apple orchard of 800 trees were essentially killed by the sub zero temperatures.  We always had a good supply of firewood after that.


Anonymous said...

Please also remember the hay drops in and outside the reservation for the Navajo cattle. It was truly a very cold time. We've all seen this coming in the past few decades. Now What?

Anonymous said...

States and the federal government are trying to curb illegal immigration by targeting immigrants. But when we talk about supply and demand, it's the private sector that places demands on immigrants to work for meager wages, so they come, and the government let's businesses get away with it. The bottom line is that a lot of these anti-immigrant policies have racist undertones- i.e., Mexicans are not wanted here.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I like it that you are keeping the heat on her over this, because it stinks on several levels.

The more I think about Martinez' policies, like this one, the death penalty, coddling to the oil industry, and those huge wads of cash big time Republican money men are slipping to her, men with no connection to New Mexico but with connections to the likes of Karl Rove, the more I think she is looking way past the governorship. They don't give out that kind of cash for nothing, not to someone running for governor of a small, far away state. We saw how she turned her back on her own party to realize her ambitions, so what's a few Mexicans, when the men with the money are whispering in your ear? They paid for the right to take her by the hand, put visions in her head, and they are her constituency now.

Another nice shot. I like the perspective in that, too. From almost straight down to the horizon. From the vertical to the horizontal.

Apple makes pretty good firewood. It's too bad about those trees though. I grew up in an apple producing area, SW Michigan, the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Apples were the foundation of our economy -- we had the Blossom Festival, when the apple trees bloomed, and Miss Blossomtime was crowned -- so I can imagine how valuable those trees were. I didn't own any but I snitched a few apples. I picked some, too, but not as many.

Rodney said...

Ah yes, I remember it well. Gallup, winter 1971, a solid week with lows in the -30's and highs less than zero.

Ms. Martinez is nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil/gas drilling industry. What a crock to think they'd abandon New Mexico over a "pit rule" that is already in place in every neighboring state.