Saturday, February 26, 2011


As we were talking about the new Congress in DC and how it will really screw up land and water protections by killing environmental agency budgets I suddenly had a revelation.

The first tea party was held in Boston to protest "Taxation without Representation".   Now that those 47 tea party congressmen are in office we have "Representation without Taxation."

Especially for the rich.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I'm sure you're aware of the criticisms of gas. The hidden footprint. Not to mention fracking fluid. It's still better than coal, but it's in no way solar, as you allude to.

Exercises in light and shadow. And color, elevation, perspective and distance. Especially that middle one. You wouldn't even think that could be a picture and for most of us it wouldn't. There are at least five different kinds of light hitting that hillside. Between that and the way the hill declines in height, and recedes into the distance, all at the same time, is what must give it it's movement. It's just dancing. The eye, or the subconscious really, makes a couple of rounds and then heads toward that light beyond the hill.

Mine did. Bette Midler was back there in a lawn chair.

There are places like that here and there in the West, with all the color, the places where cows wouldn't go. Too much work for the calories, I imagine. Not worth it. Men either. Too lazy. That color, I suppose, is what the Indians enjoyed all the time, and what the first Spanish saw, everywhere.

Richard said...

Great phrase - representation without taxation. I hope to employ it soon.