Monday, February 07, 2011


I flew to Boston yesterday for a board meeting of the Wyss Foundation.  We work in focused ways to fund non profits who protect western landscapes and waters.  We enable the purchase of large parcels of private land  to turn over for federal protection.

As we were flying towards this snow bound city I felt like I was trapped in the 80's.  Like an echo, the mantra from the right wing republicans and oil and gas industry is that there is a 'war on the west' emanating from Washington.  Of course  there is not, but that doesn't mean anything to the special interests, ie. liars, who promote it.   So, it is time for more heroic actions from the conservation community.  One group that needs support is the New Mexico Conservation Voters Alliance.  They have to square off against the bad guys everyday in the legislature.

We also need courageous state employees in the environment department to stand up to for their principles and fight the Martinez administrations plans for gutting protections.  Those employees face great challenges in doing this.  They will be threatened with job loss and lengthy court battles.  They need good lawyers too.

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Anonymous said...

They are called Conservation Voters New Mexico now (CVNM) but the point is the same - I agree, it's important to support this fantastic group!