Friday, February 11, 2011


While I was at a dinner last night in Salt Lake City, my phone buzzed more than once with the news that Harrison Schmitt bailed out of his nomination to head the Energy and Natural Resources Department for the Martinez administration.  I never saw this as a very good fit and was surprised when it was announced.  I think that revelations of his ideology was probably unhelpful to him too.  So he is gone and that is good.  But who replaces him.  I am betting a person will come from the oil and gas industry directly or indirectly. 

I am headed off for meetings of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.  We always talk about the lay of the land in the state of Utah's congressional delegation.  When you start thinking of Senator Orin Hatch as a moderate you have to realize the politics here have entered the Twilight Zone.


Rodney said...

The Journal, for what it's worth, says Schmitt refused to submit to the mandatory background check. The check would more than likely uncovered the extreme conflict of interest that would arise given Schmitt's seats on numerous corporations board of directors, particularly any related to energy development.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Is there anything to that? The editor of the Las Cruces paper seems to think that, too.

Or maybe he just read it in the Journal.

It could be, too, that the KFC scandal is widening.