Friday, February 18, 2011

Who are the Governors Working for?

Governor Susana Martinez doesn't like the Rail Runner between Belen and Santa Fe.  The new republican governors of Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin don't want the trains either and have turned down funds to get high speed systems started.  Is this coincidence?  Or are these new governors taking orders from the national GOP on behalf of the oil and gas industry and others who would be hurt by this kind of public transportation.

I don't think this is entirely coincidence.  They are all republican.  They are being manipulated by the GOP and are ignoring the best interests of their states.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because they cost 100's of billions of dollars to build, are a sink hole for federal subsidies, and is the wrong thing to be spending money on during a serious federal budget crisis.

Ok, then said...

Oh, Anonymous, public transportation is exactly the right thing to spend money on, especially when we've reached and passed peak oil production. New Mexico is the envy of so many states for having this kind of far-sightedness. Put on your specs -- you're being as myopic as those self-serving republican governors.

Rodney said...

Are you talking about commuter rail, or paved highways? I certainly don't see Exxon or Ford out building roads, but somehow taxpayer dollars for roads so oil/rubber and automakers can sell their products is not a subsidy.

Suzanna et al are working for those who financed their election.

Anonymous said...