Tuesday, February 22, 2011


On my drive down to Tucson, Arizona  a couple of things became obvious.  Arizona's highways are in bad shape compared to New Mexico's.  And if you need to take a potty break, do it before reaching Arizona since their Governor Brewer closed the rest areas to save money for her immigrant persecution programs.  I mean really!  What is more basic than a restroom along a highway?  The space behind some short vegetation just wont do.  Why do pols like Governor Brewer here cut first the things that provide basic services?

Note to Governor Martinez.  Just because you want to crack down on immigrant families too, you should not follow this state's lead on other things.  Like closing crappers on the highway!  The rest stops in New Mexico were clean and functioning thanks to Governor Richardson's action to keep them open.

On this long drive to Tucson I spent a lot of time listening to the BBC News on Satellite.  Although it is repetitive, I felt I was getting straight news with little punditry.  It was refreshing.

I had dinner with my friend Lee Otteni in Green Valley, Arizona where they are living for the Winter.  They pulled down their RV to live in the relative warmth of this landscape between Tucson and Nogales, Mexico.  Them and about half a million other RV owners.  I think there were more snowbirds on the highway than big semi rigs.  Even so, this area saw its coldest weather in 40 years too.  It got down to 12 degrees one evening and all the RV folks had to drain their water pipes.

Today we play golf before I head off Wednesday for a Wilderness Society meeting in Palm Springs.  The big topic is renewable energy development and its affects on public lands.

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