Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Out in the Cold

One of the cats went out in the wind and blowing snow last night.  I don't think they were there for long.  Being left out in the cold is not a good thing.

The Albuquerque Journal Editorial page is ranting about the state retirement plans for state employees.  (I am one of those.)  This is a company that no longer provides any support for its retirement plan.  So, why should anyone else have one?  I think that is their attitude.  I wonder what their employees think when they read that stuff.  They have been so screwed by the publisher  that I can't believe they stay so quiet.  They must live in a fearful work place.

I notice that Tim Korte, an able reporter/editor for the Associated Press has taken a job with the Martinez administration as a PR person for the Department of Finance and Administration.  This really scares me when an AP reporter sees greener pastures outside that great institution.

Finally, I would never put my cats out in the cold.  They have access to Athena the Beagle's doggy door.  Time to get rid of the nose goo on the flap though.  Yeeech!  This is Hermes contemplating a visit outside in a -23 degree wind chill.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the Journal rag is real selective about news in order to maintain its conservative slant. I still subscribe to it, but I don't know why when the news is already old by the time I get the paper. As for state retirees, leave us the hell alone and don't mess with our annual 3% increases!

Bubba Muntzer said...

Are you contributing anything to Athlena's and Hermes' retirement? COLA? I noticed the other day you quite fully fund their health care plan.

A good PR person is money well spent, good PR being a suitable substitute for substance.