Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amateur Hour

Republican Secretary of State Dianna Duran has allegedly committed a faux pas of biblical proportions by allowing a sample form for political reporting to be downloaded with racist humor.  According to Eli Lee at the Justice League PAC, Duran sent out a form that showed the following.

National Organization of the Beer Drinkers and Guzzlers
Sheryl Powdrell-Culbertson
246678 North General Dwight D. Eisenhower Boulevard Northeast

Lee said, “Sheryl Powdrell-Culbertson” is a merger of the names of the aforementioned African American legislators and “JeffersonDavis” was the President of the Confederated States of America."

It is kind of hard to believe that this would slip through.  Lee has demanded she resign from office.  At the very least someone's head should roll.  Duran, a close ally of the Governor, has some explaining to do.  I also look forward to statements from the GOP and the Governor.

Duran is a big persecutor of undocumented workers with drivers licenses as is the Governor.

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Rodney said...

The problem is that neither party in NM takes the office of Sect. State seriously. The Democrats have had a habit of nominating long-standing party loyalist, but thoroughly unqualified women to the position. It seems the Republicans are no different.