Monday, May 02, 2011


I guess I am not normal.  I didn't feel like dancing in the street with an American flag after Osama bin Laden got his just desserts in a hail of gunfire in Pakistan.  I remember seeing images of many dancing in the streets in the middle east after the Twin Towers fell.  I could not figure out why those people would celebrate death in such a manner.  Last night I saw Americans doing the same thing celebrating the death of the world's consummate terrorist.  Maybe I have a psychological shortcoming of some kind.  I am kind of glad I do.

I am not a bleeding heart for bin Laden.  He and his kind need to be expunged.  Dancing in the street seems a bit over the top though.  Being euphoric about death is just plain weird.  Even if justice is served.  Now, this country needs to figure out why bin Laden was supported by so many in his attacks on western democracies.  Deep down there are underlying reasons for that support.  We need to fix our policies so that support evaporates.

One of the things that would get me dancing in the street is this country would be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan and bringing our fighting troops home.  I was really happy to see Congressman Martin Heinrich write a letter to President Obama asking him to do so.  That alone makes me think he should be elected as a Senator.


Anonymous said...

"Being euphoric about death is just plain weird." I couldn't agree more.

Abq Dude said...

Well Jim, I feel like dancing because I have a son and a nephew over there fighting to protect Americans. Too bad you feel so apathetic about the death of this cruel and heartless hellion.

About Heinrich - while I like him, there's a lot more to being senator than just writing letters.

Jim Baca said...

abq dude....i am not apathetic. i am glad he paid. but dancing in the streets? maybe you misread the blog. read it again.

Rita Longino said...

JIm -

I, too, cannot understand this celebration. Didn't anyone else realize that his death diminishes us? Capturing him and putting him on trial would be much more a reflection of our values as a country. Or at least the values we're supposed to have. And this killing and burying at sea is only going to feed the conspiracy grist mills around the world who will say he's not really dead, that this is just a PR campaign.

And the dancing in the streets only reinforces the belief that we are anti-Muslim.