Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back Home with a Tan

I spend the better part of the last two days playing golf at Pendairies, NM with my friend Lee.  That golf course sits between Las Vegas and Mora in mountainous terrain and it is in the grips of a bad drought.  Very sad to see but we still had fun playing it like a desert course.  The only green out there was the tee boxes and greens.  They had their first rain on Monday, about an inch, but it will have to rain like that every day for a couple of weeks to look normal in that beautiful part of the State.

I got home to see the Darren White, City Public Safety Officer, is still in the news.  His 'rescue' of his spouse from police officers and medics after a traffic accident continues to bring grief to the Mayor.  It also makes the police chief look pretty lame too.  Why can't White just admit he screwed up and resign.

I also notice the Journal is touting the fact that the city bus system hit a million passengers for the fourth month in a row.  When I was Mayor and trying to pass the transportation tax that funds the bus system the Journal was not a big supporter.  They thought more should go to the developers road building effort.  Now, we can see what an investment in public transportation can mean.  And yet they still  hate the Rail Runner System between Belen and Santa Fe.  Short sighted again.  I am pretty sure the bus system doesn't make money, just like the interstates and state highways, but since the Journal's advertisers make no money from the existence of the train then it is a bad thing. The train really means less car sales and road building for developers.


Anonymous said...

I never knew why we needed to fund a Safety Director. I was surprised when Mayor Berry retained that position that was originated under Mayor Chavez.

As a taxpayer I would like the position eliminated. The Police Chief should be in charge of APD. The same for the Fire Chief.

Rodney said...

Nobody ever seems to realize that the businesses that profit the MOST from public roads paid not one dime in direct costs to build them. Automakers, tire companies and the entire chain of business involved in bringing gasoline to the consumer would not be in business if it weren't for the roads that the tax payers paid for. Been driving between Bernalillo and Albuquerque watching the evolution of that interstate highway and not ONE piece of equipment says Exxon/Mobile, or Michelin or Yates Petroleum on it.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Have you ever tried your hand at painting? You have such a good sense of design, and this ability to use different kinds of elements in combination to achieve the design and a sense of balance. Like this one. Light and dark, size and shape, perspective, all are being used in the design, and to create balance, but color is even used.

Different colors have different weights, and react differently with different colors, so that that picture wouldn't have worked with a different set of colors, or with more green and less tan.

Or, you would have had to rearrange other things to make it work.

Well, I guess your palette is the picture frame, but you could probably do both.