Monday, July 18, 2011

Mayoral Advice

As a former Albuquerque Mayor I am now going to give Mayor Richard Berry a little advice.  You are doing a good job with the fallout of 8 years of overspending by the Chavez administration.  However, that will mean nothing if you don't stop giving the rightwing of the GOP carte blanche in your administration.  The circling of wagons around Darren White by those folks harmed your tenure and did nothing to help you.  In the end the only thing that could happen did happen.  Happy Trails for the publicity seeking White.  And the delay put you on the defensive.

I am still not sure what your administration stands for.  You are a personable and likable man.  You have the Journal on your side but they themselves are becoming a sideshow, so you need to be able to bring some big ideas forth that will capture the imagination of the voters.  Don't be held back by ideologues from the neocon crowd.  There are some good things to pursue for this city but your P.R. guys and CAO don't seem to advise you on them.

I know that being Mayor is the hardest job there is because every pot hole is an enemy and every underfunded non profit that lives off the city tit can be a liability.  But that is the kind of job it is and I know you can hold your own with some new advisors and policy wonks in your office. We all love this city and your vision, once you get one, will be important to us.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I like that. You don't tell him what to do but you tell him how to get his head in the right place, as we say where I come from. That's good advice.

But that's why you've been mayor and I haven't. If I was going to give him advice it would have been specific. I'd say go around to every neighborhood asking people what they want. Hire some models and have them follow you and write everything down.

Rodney said...

I'd like to see the city follow through and finish building the North Domingo Baca Multi-Generational Center as it was originally planned before Mayor Marty got made at Councilman Brad and cut the funding.