Friday, July 08, 2011


I for one am happy to see the Brits get up in arms over the Rupert Murdoch empire and its running of politics and news in the UK.  I am especially thrilled this morning that they are arresting people from the newspaper and possibly others in government for the illegal hacking into cell phone voice mails.  Can you imagine such a thing happening in this country where corporate CEO's are seemingly immune to paying for their crimes?

Here are some I would like to see.  Arrest the CEO's of an airline every time they leave people stranded on a runway for more that three hours.  That is reckless endangerment, especially when infants are on board.  Arrest bank CEO's when they screw up paperwork that makes people kill themselves when they lose their homes unnecessarily.  Let's start arresting Fox News and other Newspaper Publishers when they purposely mislead the public in order to gain political and financial advantage for their well heeled political rightwing allies.

Okay, I know I am ranting here and being silly.  But we can dream.


Vicki said...

Love your moral outrage.

Anonymous said...

Any comments on Pat Lyons' latest brush with the news?