Thursday, July 28, 2011


The consensus in Europe seems to be that the anti immigrant bashing by the right wing parties there has to stop.  The events in Norway have suddenly triggered a collective conscience that states that scapegoating a certain class of people may not be a good idea.  Would someone send some of this information to the Governor of New Mexico who has forced undocumented immigrants into a Catch-22 dilemma.  Susanna Martinez is forcing families into deportation by summoning them to Albuquerque to defend their legal driver's licenses.  The problem is they must pass through border patrol checkpoints.  This Governor is heartless.

Karl Rove is coming to campaign for Heather Wilson.  How does this help her in the Senate race?  It reminded me of something funny I saw the other day where someone suggested that Texas Governor Perry could use this slogan for his presidential bid, "What harm could a Texas Governor do?"

The revelations that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tax and Firearms let thousands of automatic weapons enter Mexico in a botched sting operation does not surprise me.  Even years ago when I worked with them as the State Liquor Chief I was always under the impression that they were out of control.  I was proved right some years later after they killed so many people in Waco, Texas.   Maybe this is one agency that needs to be cut way back or assimilated into a more professional group.


Anonymous said...


I think what was said about the BATF is right on, the other stuff was, well, ideological poop.

Thanks for my say!

Anonymous said...

It was the late Molly Ivins who once said "Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention."

Hope all is well with you.