Thursday, July 21, 2011


This case against Judge Murdoch looks to be a stinker to me.  It just doesn't make sense especially when our police department went out and spent hundreds of dollars to get a video of the Judge and a prostitute in his own home.  This whole thing seems to me to be a set up or extortion plot.  Murdoch is toast no matter what happens with his case.  It just makes me more uncomfortable with our police department when they spend time on something like this.

Here is a link to a point by point rebuttal to a story run by the Albuquerque Journal on the UNM Foundation.  It appears the Journal may have egg on their face, in a big way.  They have continued their anti UNM campaign today with a major front page story on some missing cash at the UNM athletics department.  Hardly an above the fold story.  A friend and I were wondering this morning whether or not folks are getting tired of the Journal's conservative and negative approach to everything in New Mexico.

There was a little story in the media about how the nations two largest prescription by mail services, Express Scripts and Medco, are merging into one giant conglomerate.  Is there any anti trust work being done in our country these days.


Anonymous said...

If you check the police officers blog, they are buzzing with the theory that APD brass rushed to get the judge arrested and on page 1 to distract from their own meltdown. Normally this would have involved more investigation, which could have included a sting. It smells bad all around.

Anonymous said...

One thing in the Journal that isn't negative is the public's affection of Darren White, as shown in the letters published in today's Journal. Only one letter faintly supported the resignation. The others were full of indignation that such a loyal and wonderful public servant had been forced out. Huh? Maybe there's more than one Darren White.

Bubba Muntzer said...

No anti trust work being done that I know of. The trend is toward monopolization, merger mania, less competition.

A trend that took off, by the way, under Clinton, the last Republican who ran as a Democrat before this current one. He and Al Gore also let loose the floodgates of media monopolization with their Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996, paving the way for people like Rupert Murdoch to own multiple news outlets in a single market, resulting in a narrower range of viewpoints, less real debate, less democracy.

Thus, in Washington now, all they are debating is how much to cut from working class and retiree programs and how much more in tax cuts to hand to the rich, whose profits are booming while the living standard for we the people is southbound... according to IRS and Fed stats, which stats you won't see reported on TV in this country.

The most recent mega-merger about to be approved is AT&T and T-Mobile, so we'll have even less choice of services and less competition, higher bills for us and even more profit for them.

By the way we used to have an alternative to the Journal, the Tribune, which had a union workforce. No one bought it. The Journal can print whatever it wants to and we are to blame, for not supporting the Tribune.

Just as we are to blame for the fact that the Democrats are about to agree to cuts in Medicare and Social Security and more big tax breaks for the rich. We send a continual stream of moderate Democrats to Washington, who send out nice sounding emails once in awhile about how they are standing up for us, and that's about it.

I understand the realities of electoral politics these days. I may be being unrealistic, but what "moderate" means to me is that you've given up half the territory before you even sit down at the bargaining table.

We are not passing on much of a future to the next generation, which will be the first generation to enjoy a lower standard of living than their parents did. Have you received an email from your senator or congressman explaining that?