Monday, July 25, 2011


I feel the pundits who are saying the silent majority is fed up with Washington are full of it.  It is all a joke.  It is not a silent majority it is an apathetic majority who are nothing more than whining experts.  They don't work at democracy or pay attention to anything but their reality shows on the vast wasteland of TV.  They might well get what they deserve from the so called Tea Party extremists and their allies in corporate America.

I am not near as radical as some would think.  I think two  years of unemployment compensation is too much and I don't like supporting couples who wont marry because it will effect the benefits that single mothers get.  But I think Medicare and Social Security, after some trimming, are crucial to our country's future.

These extremists in the Tea Party and GOP differ from the crazy christian fundamentalist in Norway in that they are not overtly violent.  But the damage they will do this country will be just as traumatic as the tragedy in Scandinavia if they don't face reality on the current economic situation.

And while this is going on our republican governor is still playing the wedge issue of immigration.  Well, she hired a man who was forced out of Albuquerque City Government for sexual harassment.  He will be in charge of interviewing the 10,000 immigrants summoned for interrogation on their New Mexico Drivers Licenses.   Will he have a conflict with every female immigrant who comes in to prove themselves to the Martinez brown shirts?

Yeah, it  is an over the top Post to Only in New Mexico, but frustration reigns.


Vicki said...

Guess what, Jim? You aren't the only one frustrated. I don't even want to read or listen to "news" these days. The inmates have taken over the asylum. A positive note: we're getting RAIN...yes!

Anonymous said...

Jim, "extreme"? Try a 25 or 30 trillion dollar debt in 10 years. That's extreme. If we could only get those millionaires and billionaires to pay their "fair share".