Friday, July 15, 2011


Someone needs to start a pool on the exact date and time of Darren White's departure from his position as Mayor Berry's Chief Public Safety Officer.  I am in for next Friday at 3:00PM.  That day and time is usually when someone is asked to fall on their sword.  I have decided that the extreme right wing of the Republican Party has been exerting tremendous pressure on the Mayor.  He should tell them to butt out.  He doesn't need them.

How is it that the State Fair Commission hasn't met since last December?  I heard about that and called the Expo Offices today and the receptionist told me that no state fair commissioners have been appointed since Governor Martinez took office.  Others tell me that there are three holdovers from the Richardson Administration and one new one.  Which makes four of seven seats filled.   I wonder how many other boards and commissions are in the same boat.  Maybe someone in the mainstream media could check that out.

The state's revenue picture is improving as energy revenues continue to increase from state oil and gas production taxes.  At the same time the dirty energy boys are spending heaps of money on TV saying everyone will lose their jobs in New Mexico if their taxes and subsidies are messed with.  These guys are immoral plain and simple and they are getting poor people to support them with their fear mongering.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That's good. That would require everyone to interrupt regular programming. But put me down for Friday between 6:02 and 6:11, between the opening credits and the first commercial break on the evening news.

That will still leave him plenty of time to run his wife to the pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

Your guess as related to the actual time was almost right, but the date was one week too late. At least this is done. Too bad our politicians put us in the position of having to endure Darren's presence for the last few years.

Anonymous said...

I saw the matrix sheet and got as far as "Someone needs to start a pool..." and I'd had the best laugh of the day. Thanks, mayor.

Anonymous said...

You missed it by one week exactly

Rodney said...

Whenever, I'm just glad that (expletive deleted) is gone. Let us hope the Mayor has the sense to leave that particular political payoff position unfilled.