Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Media Stuff

Channel 13's usually competent reporter Tim Maestas did a puff piece on border security the other day in which he totally ignored the fact that there was net zero influx of illegal immigrants last year from Mexico.  He did interview agents who said the fence has caused  fewer illegals entry in to this country, except when they had ladders.  Hilarious!

I wish we could have hearings in this country on Rodger Ailes, Fox News Head, and his interactions with the bush administration's minions.  Especially Karl Rove.  The Brits are doing a great job of hoisting into view the Murdoch Publishing Empire and its involvement with UK politicos.  Not to mention their phone hacking of a dead girl's phone.

The Albuquerque Journal editor should read the sci fi book I am currently reading for a glimpse into the future.  Especially after today's asinine editorial on off shore drilling.  The book is called "Flashback" by Dan Simmons. It paints a dismal future for this country because of its energy and economic policies.  In the book the Japanese have opened a "Green Zone" in Denver.  A great read.


Anonymous said...

For people who think the fence and border security alone are what is keeping Mexicans out of the US is laughable!

Consider that other factors combined are reducing illegal immigration: increased antagonism against immigrants; pressure on US businesses to stop hiring illegal immigrants; improved Mexican economy, jobs, and education; and, illegal migration is more dangerous and costly as drug cartels have taken over.

I wonder what American businesses are going to do when they can’t find cheap labor from Mexico, and US workers won’t work for the measly wages or do stoop labor.

Rodney said...

We're already seeing crops rotting in the fields in states where extremely harsh anti-immigrant laws have been inacted.