Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Numerous things today baffle me.  First and foremost is the Governor's new efforts to scapegoat all immigrants who hold a New Mexico Drivers License.  She is asking 10,000 of them to show up at a government office to say who they are and where they live, and this is not the census.  When a political leader does something like that you know that nothing good will come of it.  Every time a race or category of people are required to do this, think 1930's Germany, or Bosnia, or Armenia, then hatred grows.  Will the Governor's right wing political handlers next require these people to sew an "I" for immigrant on their clothes?  The same goes for Secretary of State Duran who is after people she believes are phantom voters.  In her case they don't exist so no worry there.

I am baffled by the latest news on the Judges in this state.  Judge Murdoch, who was arrested for raping a prostitute in his own home while she conveniently and secretly recorded video, is very sad indeed.  He is a highly respected Judge and most every one feels that way.  I personally think this whole thing is very peculiar and that there is more here than meets the eye.

I am baffled by this guy in Las Cruces who was arrested for hacking large computer systems and causing chaos.  This twenty one year old asshole was one of many arrested yesterday for hacking, the new form of rape of innocent people.  He should be sent to prison like a rapist would be.

I am baffled by legislators in Roswell who don't want to give  up one of four legislative seats as a result of the census and reapportionment process.  This happens while Rio Rancho and Albuquerque's west side are egregiously under represented.  Actually, I am not baffled like this.  The oil and gas industry owns most of those legislators and they want to keep their influence undiminished.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That's a good point and thank you for saying that.

Immigrants don't cause problems, they aren't getting into accidents, they pay taxes and take nothing from the government or Social Security because they aren't eligible for government services, and since there are no jobs here they aren't even coming here any more as you have pointed out.

What Governor Martinez and other Republicans are doing is demagoguery at best, and I think you're right in saying it's even more insidious than that and will have consequences.

Any time you single out a group based on what we here in the US call ethnicity, and what is called race elsewhere, it's racism.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why you aren't also baffled by this latest effort by the Governor to replace John D'Antonio as State Engineer. I hear this all started when EBID got angry due to a reasoned and correct decision on John D'Antonio's part not to allow them credit water that really has been earned by Middle Rio Grande users. They decided they didn't like that and want someone in the job who will cowtow to Southern New Mexico. I'm certainly baffled...oh, nevermind, I get it. It's the Governor's southern lean that explains everything.