Monday, October 31, 2011


Our first tricksters tonight were three angels accompanied by nine adults.

Many of our kids come on Halloween from  the Duranes neighborhood which abuts ours.  Ours is a upper middle class neighborhood and theirs is a strong working class neighborhood. There is a gate offering access to either side at any time of the year.  But our walls fall every halloween in a big way and it is glorious.

We keep count every year.  We ran out of candy after 261 little monsters came to the door.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I remember it now. My buddies and I would head straight to neighborhoods like yours.

You know, last year was the first Halloween I was for home for in about 15 years so I went to the city's web site to see if they still had a designated trick or treat time and when it was and I got the impression that they try to discourage trick or treating.

In other words, instead of trying to make a world where our kids are safe we just get more defensive and keep heading in the opposite direction.

That was a nice post, interesting on several levels. Very nice photograph. It's hard to get something like that.

Anonymous said...

I grow fonder of your blog every time I read it. Would value your thoughts on the immediate political aspects of the un-Occupy ABQ thing. My personal feelings are that the City is playing it a bit too conservatively but, more significantly, UNM (The Schmid) is abdicating its responsibilities to protect those of its students involved, to use what is going on as a teaching tool (Pol Sci, Econ, Anthro,History, Sociology Departments and the MBA program all should have at least professional curiosity if not direct involvement). Anyway, that's my stuff on it; but I am much more curious about your feelings and thoughts...I may well have missed something. And thanks, eh? (You are gracious not to post comments. Thank you.)

Vicki said...

Lovely. I had 12 here in Sandia Knolls in the mountains.

janecraft said...

So envious -- we only had three kiddos this year -- two unicorns and a graduate