Monday, October 17, 2011


I am pretty sure that a U.S. serviceman died this weekend in Afghanistan.  I cant make that prediction 100% solid because the nation's media has not made me aware of it.  However I am being subjected to non stop photos and videos of a race car driver perishing in a fiery wreck.  So, Americans are lamenting the tragic death of a 33 year old racer instead of a 19 year old serviceman.  Sure, both men picked their professions.  One to win fame, money and glory and one to serve his country.  The media is just doing what they do on this one.  It is okay to show the race car driver being crushed in his car, but it is not okay to show servicemen's caskets being off loaded from cargo planes.

I hope Mayor Berry and his city council will start an investigation into the arrest of a California man at Albuquerque International airport.  He was cuffed for cursing after being hassled by an airport cop who instead of being a public servant allowing the guy unload his three kids and bags from a rental car, he told him to move the car.  I have been to a lot of airports and I have never seen airport cops like the ones we have in this city.  When I was Mayor here I had wanted to combine those cops with the main APD organization.  The city council said no and things have been worsening ever since.  Now its time to reconsider this.  That or we will become the laughing stock for how not to encourage tourists to come to our city and state.

As expected Congressman Martin Heinrich blew away the competition in the fund raising race for the US Senate primary against Hector Balderas.  I don't see Hector turning that around and would prefer that he withdraw and run for Governor in two years.  The fund raising in the Democratic primary to fill Heinrich's seat was lackluster.  Marty Chavez, Eric Griego and Michelle Grisham Lujan all were pretty close to each other.  The fact that Marty didn't blow them away given his experience is a red flag for his campaign.  This will be an interesting one to watch.

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New Mexican said...

Hector is my man, money or no money. This is NM and hector has a real chance. It is not all about money. Let Heinrich step aside.