Sunday, October 02, 2011


Seven hundred camped out Wall Street protestors were arrested for exercising their rights of assembly yesterday.  They are upset with the greedy immoral financial criminals who almost melted down the world economy.  About five of them have been arrested.  150 hundred to one ratio at best.

I have been looking for the outrage to start manifesting itself.  Maybe it has begun.  Let's hope so.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Apparently some protesters marched on Central in the UNM area.

A Stuart Dyson, KOB reporter, did get some astute comments, and no doubt recorded them accurately, but apparently had no idea of what they meant. Which was fine because mainly he was out to impress himself with how clever he is, and I don't think many people agree with himself.

I think you summed up the context pretty well, and I would have preferred you covered the story instead of Stuart Dyson.

A Paula Bauman was quoted, saying she showed up expecting to at least occupy a bank, while what happened seemed more like a picnic. I like Paula Bauman. I am going keep my eye on Paula Bauman.